Top 15 Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas That You Must Try


Do you want to make the outdoor environment of your home or office beautiful, but running out of potential ideas? Outdoor lighting is an essential thing to consider due to its ability to create ambiance and practical functioning. It is an excellent way to enlighten your area and let it look beautiful at night. However, there are many times when we don’t become succeeded in finding the right idea that will match the décor of your garden, backyard and pation. If you are going through the same thing, then this post is all you need to check carefully. Our team will mention the top 10 best outdoor lighting ideas that will blow up your place for sure. Let’s check out all of them with a calm mind below.

1. Lanterns Lighting

Lanterns Lighting

Lanterns might sound old-fashioned, but the décor and beauty created through it are hard to match. It only not looks great but also moves easily as per the requirement. In fact, many people say that this kind of lighting swings their mood and makes it refreshing. Besides that, they are available in a great variety of styles that give enough choice to the users for choosing one according to the décor of their place. This light is also can be used for outdoor lighting ideas for patios

2. Fireplace Lighting

Fireplace Lighting

This one is a completely new and unique concept that has started to attain popularity in recent years. It is mostly used by people who have a fireplace on their front side or backyard. The reason individuals love this concept is due to the terrific atmosphere it created along with providing coziness in winters. The choice between an electrical and a real fireplace depends on the situation. If you shop for an electric model, there is a great sort of color variety available in the market.


3. Wall & Fence Lighting

Wall & Fence Lightings

If you have a garden outside, then the wall & fence lighting idea is a great option to choose from. It is a gorgeous manner to boost the appearance of your garden and home at the same time. All you need to do hang beautiful lighting set on the fence or wall, whichever you find more convenient. There is a great collection of lights available to choose in the market and online sites that work perfectly on the walls.


4. Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

The next option is for homeowners who are looking to enhance the beauty of their house with some organic appearance. The pendant lights are the bold and stylish method using which you can jazz up the exteriors for sure. There is a common belief among people that these lights are only for living rooms, but it is nothing more than wrong thinking. It gives you the liberty to choose from a variety of options that range from burled wood to botanical print lighting and even jazz lights. The thing we want to say here is there are endless options from which you can choose.

5. Planters Lighting

Planters Lighting

There are a huge number of people who have either flower pots or trees outside their homes. It only not purifies the air but also helps in making the environment refreshing. What about using them for lighting purposes too? Let them do the double job by being planters as well as light sources for boosting the décor of your garden. No matter, you have a large hedge, or you have only planted some flower pots outside, these kinds of lights are available in all types of sizes.

6. Magic Lanterns

decorative lanterns

If you are looking for a lighting idea that doesn’t break your bank, then you can think about the magic lanterns method. It is a straightforward method to make lighting better in your outdoor area. You can think about using vintage or decorative lanterns that are available in many different designs. In addition to lanterns, we also suggest the users go for LED candles that look gorgeous outside the home or office. They are available in many different forms and beautiful design.

7. Uplighting


The next idea that we are going to share with the readers is the positioning of lights in the upright direction. If you are finding it difficult to understand what we are saying, then let our team explain it in a better manner. Here, you can position lights under the tree and plants along with doing setting some of them against a wall. This light also known as led outdoor landscape lighting. Trust us, the beauty and brightness it will give to your space will make the environment cozy and dramatic. You are going to have the feeling of watching a stage drama in this environment.

8. Instant Romance


Have you ever thought about getting old fashioned romance feeling outside your house? If yes, then the idea will allow you to explore the romance traditionally with its vintage nature. Here, you only need to use a few pillar candles in some spots on the front side. There will be the right amount of lighting for making the atmosphere thrilling and exciting at the same time. While we understand that this type of arrangement is temporary, but our team still believes that everyone should try it from time to time, especially couples. It will definitely give a surreal look to your home.

9. Furniture Lighting

Furniture Lighting

There is no way that we can miss this one in our post regarding the best outdoor lighting ideas due to its charming and unique nature. Here, you only need to add some glowing lights to the furniture present in your backyard or garden that will immediately brighten the space and allow the home to look beautiful. Just think about what kind of theme you want in the home, and there are pretty assured that you will find lights according to it for sure. There is a range of lights available online ranging from pendants to track lights and even up lights, so finding the one that matches your style won’t be a difficult task.

10. Porch Lighting

Porch Lighting

The next one is another extraordinary lighting idea that will definitely be loved by people in almost every part of the world. In this case, all you need to do is buying some porch and add beautiful lights in it for creating a beautiful atmosphere. A group of such objects can make any outdoor space special for sure.

There is a very attractive indirect lighting created by this option that everyone should think about using at some point of their life.

11. Rope Light

Do you want to perform lighting uniquely in the form of a line that begins from a certain area and ends up at the other? If yes, then why don’t you try the rope lighting method that has attained lots of popularity in recent times? There are endless designs of rope lights available to shop from where you can easily choose one. The most amazing thing about this lighting gives you the liberty to choose whatever shape you want outside the house or garden. You can either run it over the plant pots or think about moving it straight over the wall; the choice is all yours. Generally, the people choose the curved border due to its superb effectiveness.

12. Path Lighting

Path Lighting

Path lighting is something that won’t only let the outside area look beautiful, but also improve the security to a different level. This type of lighting is mainly designed to help the people in navigation, along with highlighting them. The installation process is quite easier as they need to be moved from both sides of the walkways. Trust us, it may look like a simple technique but works tremendously.

13. Deck Lighting

Deck Lighting

Deck Lighting is an excellent option for outdoor lighting ideas for decks that will let you glow up the area without creating too much clutters and hazards. In this case, there is a need to install a series of LED lights into the grooves allowing the lights to move safely over them. There are many fantastic options available for excellently performing the deck lighting.

14. Entrance Lighting

Entrance Lighting

There is no way that we can miss the name of entrance lighting thanks to its attractiveness and positivity that it brings. Here, you can use many different types of lights like lamps, ethically designed lights, etc. The entrance is the most amazing place to create an impression that you can employ.

Use an interesting set of lighting at the entrance and impress the guests even before they enter your house.

15. Hurricane Lantern

Hurricane Lantern

The last lighting that we want to mention in this post is hurricane lantern that is a simple and effective method for illuminating the outdoors. Shop some hurricane glass lantern and set them in the place you prefer. In this case, the flame stays protected from weather and lasts for almost a full night. It is an excellent method to give traditional feeling in the house.


Which of these outdoor lighting ideas are you going to try for home or office? Don’t forget to tell us about it in the comment section. If you have any other suggestions, please email the details or mention it in comments so fellow readers can know about it.

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