Best Dusk to Dawn Lights In 2022

Best Dusk to Dawn Lights

Nothing beats the power of good quality lighting fixtures. Dusk to dawn lights gives you peace of mind knowing that your way will be lit regardless of what time you come home. It is a great way to enhance safety while promoting energy efficiency and cut electricity costs. The Best dusk to dawn lights have an inbuilt sensor that senses when the sun rises and sets. The light will turn off as soon as the sun rises and turn on as soon as it goes down. You have obviously seen these lights on the streets which left you wondering who operates them all the time.

Best LED dusk to Dawn Light Reviews

The main challenge for most customers is in selecting the best quality dusk to dawn light to fit their needs. That is now a thing of the past. In this review, we will look at the 10 top-rated dusks to dawn lights to help make your shopping easier and informed.

1. LED Dusk to Dawn Light 70 Watt – 10,000 Lumens!

Keep your home or business safe with this incredibly bright dusk to dawn light. It is designed to offer tight security while enhancing energy efficiency and helping you cut on energy bills. It features 10,000 lumens for maximum brightness and keeping any suspicious individuals at bay.

The lighting comes with a photocell, mounting arm, and bracket for wall or pole mounting. LED Dusk to Dawn Light 70 Watt can be used in a range of outdoor areas, including the alleyways, garage, parking lots, and barn lights, and building walls. It is rated for 50,000 hours durability, so you can trust that it will serve you for the most extended period.


  • The light is weather-resistant
  • Is dust and bug proof
  • It is IP68 rated
  • Has a die-cast aluminum casing for protection against corrosion
  • 50,000 hours of lifespan
  • super bright for enhanced security
  • It can survive under harsh weather and conditions
  • Promotes energy efficiency
  • Best quality lighting
  • Elegant and sturdy design
  • It can be hard to install

2. Shine Tech LED Security Area (best dusk to dawn outdoor lights)

The shine tech-led security area slights have been designed to offer maximum energy efficiency and help you save up to 88% on electricity bills. It has been made with your interest at heart, and you can count on it for maximum safety and improving the overall aesthetics of your home or business.

The Led Barn lights are ideal for use in a range of settings, including barns, homes, walkways, and porches, and you can fully count on them for constant illumination regardless of the weather condition. The lights come with photocell sensors that ensure that you have continuous lighting whenever and wherever you need it. It also features an inbuilt photo controller for the timing to determine when the sun rises and sets.

This light is ideal for large areas with its ultra-bright 5500 lumens brightness. 5000k color also characterizes it for maximum lighting. It is super easy to install and upgrade. You do not have to be an expert to do this. You will also love the fact that it is eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and long-lasting, especially with the photocell, which helps you save more on energy bills.


  • Features 50000 hours of life span
  • The light fixture is characterized by 5500lumens brightness
  • Weather-resistance
  • Easy usage and installation
  • It is easy to mount on wooden poles
  • The fixture is super durable
  • Ideal for large areas
  • Uses photocell sensor technology
  • Enhances energy efficiency
  • Easy to install
  • Features good sensors
  • Some users have complained about short circuit

3. Maxxima LED Outdoor Wall Light

This Maxxima LED Outdoor Wall Light light is not only ideal for security but can also act as a decorative LED outdoor fixture. Maxxima LED Outdoor Wall Light is a porch lantern fixture that features a black cast aluminum casing and clear water glass lens. It is characterized by a photocell sensor, which is also referred to as a dusk to dawn sensor.

It is meant to turn the light on and off automatically when the right time comes. This in return promotes convenience and allows you to keep your home or property safe at all times without having to turn the lights on and off automatically. This is also a significant energy-saving aspect. The light provides 580 lumens of warm white brightens and consumes around 8.5 watts. One the trendiest best dusk to dawn lights you could find.


  • Usable for lighting and decoration
  • 580 lumens of brightness
  • It is energy efficient
  • Energy efficiency
  • It has a beautiful design
  • The fixture is not ideal for large areas

4. LEPOWER 2 Pack 28W Dusk to Dawn 

For the brightest led dusk to dawn light, LEPOWER 2 Pack 28W is the ideal solution for you. You will love this super bright and energy-saving lighting, which is powered by Samsung LED lamp beads for maximum security. It features up to 3000 LM of light brightness and consumes as low as 28W. The other thing to love about it is its amazingly beautiful and minimal design and filter lens for improved illuminations compared to the traditional lights. With this light, you can save up to 80% on electricity bills.

LEPOWER 2 Pack 28W has in-built dusk to dawn sensor, the perfect outdoor lighting with minimum energy consumption. It turns on and off automatically when the sun rises and sets, respectively. This outdoor security light is made of a full metal design for maximum durability and enhanced heat dissipation. Its lifespan is rated at 50,000 hours. As an outdoor flood light fixture, this lighting makes perfect lighting for your porch, barn, garage, walkway, and backyard. It is weatherproof and also allows you to adjust the brightness to meet your requirements.


  • Adjustable brightness
  • IP64 waterproof that allows it to withstand any weather conditions
  • Designed with 50000 hours lifespan
  • Features a full aluminum design for durability
  • It is super bright and consumes low power
  • Ideal for large spaces
  • Promotes energy efficiency
  • The fixture is super durable
  • It uses the dusk to dawn sensor technology
  • The dusk to dawn light can withstand even the harshest weather and conditions
  • It does not have a photocell

5. Brightech – LightPRO LED Yard Light

For maximum brightness and safety, this best dusk and dawn light from Bright will exceed your expectations. LightPRO LED Yard Light is suitable for a range of outdoor areas, including storage space, barn, and backyard. This security light features maximum brightness and the fact that it consumes less energy makes it better. It is equipped with dusk and dawn technology and capacity, which allow it to activate the light and power it off automatically at the ideal time.

This lighting is encased within a heavy-duty shell for protection against weather and harsh condition damages. The corrosion-resistant aluminum casing keeps dirt, water, sand, bugs, and other harsh elements at bay, thus enhancing the durability of the light. The LightPRO LED Yard Light fixture has an IP65 waterproof rating, and this makes it suitable for outdoor use regardless of the climate. It features 5,000 lumens of brightness with a color temperature of 5,000k. Its lifespan is rated at 50,000hours or 20 years. Brightech has to be able to withstand all harsh weather conditions. The light covers an area of approximately 60 by 60 ft and consumes as little power as 56watts.


  • Features IP65 waterproof that allows it to withstand wet weather conditions
  • Designed with a 20 years lifespan
  • Features high brightness of 5000 lumens for great security
  • It consumes 56watts
  • The light is durable
  • The brightness provides maximum security
  • Promotes energy efficiency
  • It can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Easy to install
  • Covers a large area
  • The brightness is not suitable for indoors

6. 100W LED Barn Lights

This lighting has a unique design, which makes it different from the others. What makes it exclusive is the mounting arm and the exposed photocell located at the top. This makes it cost-effective because you can easily replace the photocell if it stops working rather than replacing the whole lighting fixture.

The 100W led barn light has been designed to automatically turn on and off when the sun goes up and down, respectively. It is super easy to mount due to the availability of the mounting arm. It features a heavy-duty aluminum casing for heat dissipation. The other fantastic reason to buy this lighting is its energy-saving feature as it gives out 15000lm brightness while consuming only 100w.


  • Unique design with photocell exposed at the top
  • Rugged aluminum casing for heat dissipation
  • Broader beam angle
  • It can cover approximately 90 to 170ft
  • Offers high brightness for maximum security
  • Super durable
  • You can easily replace the photocell
  • Easy and flexible mounting
  • It’s rated IP65 waterproof
  • Can withstand harsh conditions
  • No flickering and buzzing
  • It is a bit expensive

7. Cloudy Bay Outdoor Wall Lantern

Cloudy Bay Outdoor Wall Lantern is one of the best outdoor yard lights with its fantastic design and dusk to dawn photocell technology. It is an exterior wall lantern lighting that has been designed to offer you top-notch brightness and security. It is characterized by the oil-rubbed bronze finish on steel and glass panels, which makes it both an excellent lighting and decorative feature.

This lighting features a single medium-base 8W Led filament bulb for energy efficiency and cost-saving. The casing makes it super durable and can withstand harsh conditions, including wet weather. The other important thing to note about this fixture is that its photocell activates in different outdoor environments.


  • Features an input voltage of 120V
  • The color temperature of 3000K, warm white
  • The life span of 35,000 hours
  • The beam angle is 360 degree
  • Super durable
  • Can survive in wet conditions
  • It is Omni-directional, thus maximum security
  • Enhance energy efficiency
  • The photocell does not activate in some environments

8. CINOTON LED Barn Light 42W, 5000K 

With 4950 lumens of high output, this security lighting fixture is known for its exemplary performance and high brightness. It is also highly rated due to its long lifespan of 50,000 hours. CINOTON LED Barn Light 42W enhances energy efficiency due to its dusk and dawn photocell feature that allows you to save up to 70% on electric bills. It reduces power consumption by up to 87% with the sensor that turns the light on and off automatically when need be. It features aluminum housing for excellent heat dissipation, durability, and safety of the LED lamps.

If you are looking for the best yard lights then this should be your number one option. Its outdoor security feature can be used in a range of settings, including the barn, parking lot, farm, yard, alleyway, and garage. It works perfectly as an outdoor street light, security light, and yard light. You will love how easy it is to install and upgrade the light, especially with the mounting arm, which makes it easy to mount on a wooden post, poles, and walls.


  • Excellent brightness of 4950 lumens
  • Lifespan is rated at 50000 hours
  • Consumes 42W thus enhancing energy efficiency
  • The light is rated IP65 waterproof
  • Heavy-duty aluminum housing
  • A perfect replacement for 175W bulbs
  • Can be used in different settings
  • Provides excellent brightness and security
  • Super durable
  • Promotes energy efficiency
  • It is water and weather resistant
  • It is a bit expensive

9. Dusk to Dawn Sensor Outdoor Wall Sconce (brightest dusk to dawn light)

This dusk to dawn light is the perfect solution for your outdoor area security. It is an energy-saving Light that uses the dusk to dawn technology to sense the right time to turn on and when to turn off. It features the most advanced sensor program as it comes with an inbuilt IC sensor that detects the brightness of the surrounding. Dusk to Dawn Sensor Outdoor Wall Sconce turns on automatically when the surrounding is dark at 10LUx intensity and turns off when brightness increases.

It is rated as the brightest led dusk to dawn light, and this makes it a perfect solution for the yard, garage, parking lot, and walkways.

The dusk to dawn light is characterized by a heavy-duty rugged aluminum and clear glass housing for protection against harsh weather and other elements such as dust, bugs, sand, and moisture. You will love its modern style and design that makes it ideal for lighting and also as a decor fixture. It is compatible with a range of 100-watt E26 based bulbs, including halogen, incandescent, and LED bulbs. It is super easy to assemble and install.


  • Super-powerful sensor for convenience
  • Heavy-duty aluminum casing for protection
  • It is weather-resistant
  • Features a modern design
  • Easy to install
  • It is energy efficient
  • Super durable –
  • It can be used in multiple areas
  • It does not cover large areas

10. Bbounder – LightPRO 70W 9800LM (best-led dusk to dawn security light)

Bbounder is a perfect security lighting solution for your outdoor areas. It features energy-saving technology, which ensures that it efficiently turns the light on and off automatically at dusk and dawn, respectively. It is an excellent replacement for the 700-watt incandescent bulbs. With its wide voltage range, this lighting is the best for exterior walls.

There is everything to love about its safety and durability, especially with its water and weather resistant feature that makes it ideal in all conditions. What’s more? The light features a sturdy aluminum casing for protection against corrosion and harsh elements.

The barn has a lifespan of 50000 hours. It can be used for different areas, including walkways, commercial spaces, parking lot, street, backyard, and garage.


  • Photocell technology for energy efficiency
  • Rugged aluminum casing
  • Super easy to install
  • The fixture is rated I065 waterproof
  • This lighting is super durable
  • Enhances energy-saving
  • It can be used in different settings
  • Suitable even for wet locations
  • It supports exterior wall-mounting
  • It does not cover large areas

Advantages of Dusk to Dawn lights

Offer great security

The first and most obvious advantage of Dusk to Dawn lights is the security they provide by illuminating your property at night. Burglars take advantage of poorly lit or pitch dark outdoor lawns, alleys, and walkways to sneak, break-in, and steal your valuables.

Durable hence saves you money

Dusk to dawn lights are very durable because they need to be on for more than 12 hours in a day. The LED bulbs inside will rarely burn out and they are protected by a sturdy glass classing. This durability saves you a lot of money that you would have otherwise needed to replace and maintain them.

Energy and time-saving

Most of these lights are automatic in functionality. They switch on at the appropriate time and switch off too when there is enough natural light. They need very little supervision. This saves you the time and effort to handle other more important activities in and around your property.

Come in a wide variety

There are so many different designs of dusk to dawn lights with varying brightness and amount of space they can illuminate. This means that you can use them almost anywhere and for anything outside your property, they are certainly the best led outside lights. You can use them for outdoor night lawn parties, barbecues, garage sales, and even early morning workouts.

How to install dusk to dawn lights

The wiring and installation are super easy, and here are a few guiding tips for you.

  • Understand the instructions – take your time and familiarize yourself with the instructions on the fixture’s booklet
  • Turn of the power – ensure that you shut the main power switch at the service panel
  • Test the wires where you plan to install the fixture. You should do this with a non-contact pen tester to ensure that power is off. This is for your safety
  • If there is an existing fixture unscrew the wire cap to disconnect them from the existing fixture
  • Make sure you have all the tools and hardware required for the installation
  • Work on the balance of the light when hanging it on the pole. It is best if you work with a friend to help you make connections when holding the lighting fixture
  • Once the dusk to dawn light fixture is put in place, use wire nuts that come with the light kit to attach the wires. Make sure to attach white to white, green to bare and black to black
  • On ensuring that the wiring is well-done and secure, push the wires back to the box. Make sure that the light is in the right position and screw the bolt caps tightly
  • Install the bulb of your choice in the light, and ensure they are compatible and that it does not exceed the listed maximum wattage
  • Turn the power back on at the main switch on the service panel and switch on the light to see if it works

Best Dusk to Dawn Lights Buying Guide

Dusk to dawn lights has become quite essential in many homesteads. As their name suggests, they are a form of lighting that operates from dusk to dawn. The best thing with dusk to dawn lights is the built-in photocell that switches them on automatically when darkness falls and off when it detects some light. Every property deserves some security, and the best dusk and dawn lights are perfect for the task. With lighting, it becomes tough for someone with bad intentions to try anything fishy. You get quality service from one of these while still making sure your energy consumption is minimal. What’s more, you can forget about the burden of having to switch the lights on and off every morning and evening. These dusk to dawn lights might be what you need to get your exterior lighting on point.

There is everything to love about dusk to dawn lights. They come with a range of benefits which include;

  • The lights improve outdoor lighting thus enhanced security
  • Dusk to dawn lights are long-lasting
  • They offer bright and consistent lighting
  • The fixtures come with motion detectors for maximum security
  • They can cover a wider area than the conventional bulbs

However, as with everything else, there are several factors you need to consider before buying one of these. You need all the service you can get from your outdoor yard lights to avoid spending your hard-earned money where it’s not worth it. The following is a buying guide to get the best dusk to dawn lights;

Consider the right lighting for your needs

Before making any purchase, make sure you understand what kind of lighting you need for the task at hand. You can’t just purchase any dusk to dawn light and expect it to do the job. Dusk to dawn lights come in many varieties, and each is designed to suit a particular exterior. For instance, the ASD half lantern is an excellent choice if you are looking to illuminate doorways and exterior walls subtly. It tends to work particularly well with period properties thanks to its traditional design. On the other hand, there is dusk to dawn floodlights and spotlights that provided more high-powered and functional solutions. These, therefore, perform best in illuminating larger spaces like driveways, exteriors of commercial premises, and gardens, among others.

Make sure you buy dusk to dawn lights with the right safety features

Your property means so much to you, and that’s why you must make sure you use lighting that you can count on at all times. As such, when purchasing your dusk to dawn lights ensure they have the right safety measures to avoid inconveniences. For instance, it would help if you chose something that has surge protection included or one that has protection against the infiltration of dust or splashing water. With such features, you can rest assured your dusk to dawn lights are safe all the time and won’t be compromised in any way.

Consider those dusk to dawn lights that improve your security as well

The good thing with dusk to dawn lights is that it creates an illusion that a particular property is occupied throughout. However, the best dusk to dawn security light makes use of built-in PIR sensors, which are incredibly useful in burglar deterrent. It would be best if you were considering these since they not only can detect movement from up to 10 meters away but also have a 180 degrees detection range. If you use your dusk to dawn lights well enough, they can significantly improve the overall security of your property, giving you peace of mind even when you are elsewhere.

Check out the energy efficiency

When it comes to lighting, energy efficiency will always pop up. The last thing you need is getting ridiculously electricity bills now and then. Luckily, dusk to dawn lights come in a wide range of styles and perform different practical functions. Make sure you purchase those equipped with LED technology since they are not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. With these, you never have to worry about leaving them on since they only turn themselves on when triggered. Also, most dust to dawn lights come with an override switch that allows the user to operate them manually. So, if you are looking for full control over your lighting, this option is the best of both worlds.

Consider the cost

If you are on the market for dusk to dawn lights, you probably have realized that they come in a wide range. The first thing is always to consider your needs, but after that, you need to be looking at the budget you’ve set aside for your lighting needs. So, when choosing your dusk to dawn lights, it would help if you checked the cost before making any decision. You have many options to choose from, so the only task is to get a product that will address your needs while meeting your budget. Also, remember expensive doesn’t always mean it’s the best. You might be overpaying for something without even realizing it. As such, always be careful about the purchase you settle on to make sure it’s worth it.


Where can I install dusk to dawn lights?

These lights are installed on already existing electric poles. If there are no available poles, you have them erected at an extra charge. Some of the lights are, however, mountable on the wall. They can be installed on the roadway, garage, parking lot, and streets.

How do dusk to dawn lights work?

They are mainly designed to help promote security while enhancing energy efficiency. They are equipped with inbuilt photocells technology or sensors which detect when they should operate and when they should go off. The photocell sensor detects the availability of light when the sun rises and darkness when it sets and automatically turns on or off. This promotes energy efficiency and eliminates the need to switch the lights on and off manually.

What causes the flickering of dust to dawn lights?

Speedy on-and-off action by the photocell could cause the issue. This mostly happens when there is a misinterpreted signal.

How many hours are there between dusk and dawn?

This may vary depending on the season, but they range between 10-12 hours. The period is longer in summer than in winter.

Do dusk to dawn lights use a lot of energy?

The lights have been designed in such a manner that they will help you cut down the bills. They consume little energy yet give out much light output compared to conventional bulbs.

Can I put a switch for dusk and dawn lights?

For the public lights, no, you cannot put a switch as this would increase the installation and monthly fee. However, if you wish to have the switch, you can contact the electrician and have a privately owned dusk and dawn light installed.


Best Dusk to dawn lights has proven to be quite useful to both homeowners and commercial premises owners as well. Dusk to dawn light offers security, making the area around your home or business well lit from dusk to dawn. This keeps the intruders at bay not to forget that they provide an added sense of safety even as you walk around. You no longer have to worry about fumbling in the dark.

The lights give you peace of mind as you do not have to worry if you forgot to turn the lights on before leaving home. They are an excellent long-term investment option and something worth considering if you are planning to keep your property for many years to come. Their superior durability feature ensures you never have to think about a replacement for decades. We hope this great piece of article will help you to choose the right Dusk to dawn light for your needs

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