How To Replace A Pendant Light? 7 Steps Guide

Replace A Pendant Light

Do you want to change the pendant lights in your home without paying for any professional help? If you are one of those smart people who prefer to do things themselves, then this post is all you need to read. Please keep in mind that pendant lights are available in a variety of shapes, but the good news that the majority of them have a universal installation process. Many will say that this work can only be completed if there is a professional available, but the reality is pretty different.

You can complete this job without any technical knowledge or experience by following the right procedure. In this post, our team will tell you about “how to replace a pendant light in your office or home” with proper steps. Let’s have a look at them in detail below:

1. Switch off the power

The foremost thing to do is switching off the power from the source. There is a chance you might see many different wires connected with various circuits. Turn off the power of the complete house if possible so that there should be no chance of current.

2. Eliminating the existing fixture

The canopy covering the junction box needs to be removed first followed by disconnecting the wires. Once you complete this process, it’s time to dismount the fixture. It can be easily done by simply unscrewing the mounting bracket. Please keep the fixture at the safe place so it shouldn’t break down.

3. Mounting Pendant Lights

After the completion of the second step, the threaded rod needs to be unscrewed. It is usually attached to the old fixture using the mounting bracket. After that, the rod needs to be screwed from the pendant followed by replacing the mounting bracket with the help of a screwdriver. The new pendant is almost ready to use as all you now have to do set up the electrical connections and shade.

4. Ensuring Electrical Connections

The tools that you need for making electrical connections are wire nuts and wire strippers. The wires of the pendants need to be attached to the wires of the junction box. Follow the normal technique for connecting these wires, i.e., connect black to black and white to white. Once you succeeded in stuffing the wires into the junction box, we suggest the users attach the canopy.

5. Affixing Cover

After completing wiring, the junction box needs to be capped using the cover and mounting bracket posts. The cover should be tightening firmly against the ceiling without wire pinching.

6. Attaching Shade

While attaching the shade, please try to ensure that it hanged at the proper level for ensuring proper light. The cord should be straightened by hand if needed. It is a pretty simple process that even a novice can complete adequately.

7. Wrap Up Things

If you have followed the steps mentioned above, then there is a full possibility you have already replaced the pendant light. Is it simple that can be easily completed without any professional help?

FAQ- Replacing Pendant Lights

Is changing the shade on the pendant light a good idea?

Well, the shades on the pendant light can be changed according to the décor of the home when required. You can replace the older model with a new one for providing a completely new look to the light. Normally, there are two types of shades available in the market- one that gives access to change the light bulb and the second one that has to be removed while changing the light bulb.

Do we need professional help for changing a pendant light?

If you ask on a general term, then we will say that there is no need for any kind of professional help for replacing a pendant light. Just follow the instructions that our team has mentioned clearly, and we are pretty sure that you will succeed in this task.

What is the normal cost charged by electrician for replacing a light fixture?

If you still want to hire an electrician for this task, then we want to convey that it is going to cost you around US$ 50-100 depending on what amount of electrician charges. However, please stay ready to spend at least US$ 100 if you are looking to hire a professional for this task.


That’s all; we believe that now you understand replacing a pendant light is much easier than your thinking. All you need to do is following the mentioned instructions carefully, and there is a full possibility you will accomplish this task. If there is still something that you want to talk about this process, please write about it in the comment section now! A member of our team will soon reply to your query with a proper explanation.

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