Floodlight VS Spotlights: Which One To Choose?

Floodlight VS Spotlights

Do you want to jump into the battle of floodlights vs. spotlights and want to know which one is the better option to choose? If your answer is yes, then this post is the most suitable thing to read on the internet today. Here, we are going to uncover interesting things about both of these fixtures for making sure you can decide which is the right one to consider?


A spotlight is a powerful lighting instrument whose main motive is to throw light on a particular spot. For e.g., the lights used in the television studios targeting a particular individual or group of people are spotlights. Additionally, it is also greatly used on the vehicle’s side for illuminating things that don’t fall under the coverage of headlight.

Spotlights and floodlight

They are considered perfect for task lighting, and that’s why you will see Spotlights lots of times in the entertainment world for sure. Check out some advantages of spotlights below:

  • These kinds of lights offer amazing control over the spectral composition.
  • A spotlight usually has a very low voltage drive that results in minimal harm to the environment.
  • They have solid emitting points and quick response time.
  • The lifespan of a spotlight is usually pretty long ranging from 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours that is pretty great.


A floodlight is a light fixture that mainly used for illumination of bigger areas. A prevalent example of this version is streetlights. It is defined as the lighting pattern that comes with a beam of up to 120°. This version uses almost the same amount of electricity as a spotlight but capable of providing much broader coverage.

Furthermore, it is usually crafted in a larger size when compared with a normal spotlight. These types of lights are used in a variety of places that range from a playground to a stadium.  Have a look at the benefits of a floodlight below:

  • These types of lights are pretty durable in construction and last longer than the other versions available in the market.
  • A floodlight emits a very low level of heat that ensures the surroundings don’t get affected too much.
  • There is almost little to zero maintenance asked by these lights.
  • The majority of the manufacturer doesn’t use any toxic material for crafting a floodlight.

What is the difference between spotlight and floodlight?

Let’s talk about the real thing now for which you have arrived on this platform. We have created a table that will definitely help you in understand the difference between the two.

                     Spotlights Floodlights
Spotlights equipped with a narrow beam that isn’t wider over 45°. Floodlights have a beam that spread up to 120° depending on the requirement.
They produce concentrated lighting that targets a certain spot covering a smaller area. These lights are capable of illuminating a pretty larger space with the same amount of electricity.
Spotlights are pretty smaller in construction. The size of a floodlight is very larger when compared with the spotlight.
They are much brighter in nature due to better concentration. The level of brightness in a floodlight is much less than a spotlight as it covers a larger area.
Spotlights are the perfect option for indoors where concentrated lights are needed. On the other hand, the floodlights are the most suitable option for outdoor areas.
Spotlights usually consist of an ordinary bulb that gets overheat quite quickly. Floodlights are made from a material that doesn’t overheat too quickly.
Spotlights travel a larger area in a narrow beam. Floodlights cover the complete surface area.
Pointing and controlling is easier in the spotlights. Floodlights don’t work great when it comes to pointing.
A spotlight targets specific points. Floodlights work for illuminating more significant areas.
Major applications of spotlights are theater, museum, art exhibitions, etc. The main applications of floodlights are security lights, street lights, etc.

Who should choose the spotlights?

Are you still wondering whether to go for the spotlight or not? Allow us to eliminate your confusion by telling you when to install the spotlights. We have explained them in detail below:

  • If you are looking to highlight a certain object, then there won’t be a better option than a spotlight. For example, a spotlight can be installed in a garden or even above the garage door where focused light is required.
  • In case you are looking to install a light on the vehicle for illuminating a particular narrow area, there is no better option than a spotlight.
  • The people who want to give a more visual feel to their home can install a spotlight outside their house.

In simple words, a spotlight is the most suitable option if you are looking to have more concentrated lighting on a specific area.

Who should choose floodlights?

Floodlights are useful for a variety of applications that ensure you can easily make a decision. It is a top-class option in the following situations:

  • It should be used where you need broader illumination that could be a parking area in your home or an even office.
  • If you wish to moonlight a lawn or garden, there won’t be a better option than a floodlight.
  • Always go for a floodlight if you have to illuminate bigger areas like warehouses, driveways, etc.

The thing we want readers to know is that the floodlights are the right option to choose whenever you have to cover a larger area, but not a larger distance.

Spotlight Vs. Floodlight  Comparison Video

Conclusion: Which have you selected?

Our team can’t tell you which are the right option to choose as the situation varies from one location to another. We have tried to display the right information making sure you end making the right call. This blog post is created for making things comfortable on your behalf.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section about which of these two you have selected. Also, mention the situation where you have chosen so that the fellow readers find it useful.

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