Best Indoor Motion Sensor Lights In 2022 Reviews

Best Indoor Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights work by detecting motion and turning on and off at the appropriate time. Many consumers want them for their indoor needs so that they can forgo the hassle of fumbling for switches and tripping and falling over objects in the dark. Waking up at night to find your way down the stairs could be a risky affair. It is in the dark and dangerous places that the best indoor motion sensor lights come to your rescue. Avoid accidents by acquiring a motion sensor light today.

What Are Indoor Motion Sensor Lights?

Indoor motion sensor lights as the name suggests, are lights that go on and off by themselves through sensing movement.

  • Light sensing

Indoor motion sensor lights work well during the night because light interferes with the working of their sensors. They are equipped with a photocell that deactivates motion sensing light during the day. When the motion sensors are deactivated, you can switch them on and off with a manual switch.

  • Passive Infrared technology

Motion sensors can detect infrared waves emitted by moving objects; that is to say, they are PIR enabled. They will, therefore, react to the movement of people, pets, and even robots. Anything within their field of view whether in the dark or light.

  • Sensing range

Motion sensors have a sensing range that could reach a maximum of 240 degrees and a distance range of up to 70 ft. When they detect movement within their field, they trigger an electronic signal to turn on the lights and the lights stay on as long as they continue to sense movement.

  • Timers

To save on electricity, most motion sensors have pre-set timers that will turn off lights when movement has not been detected for a significant amount of time. Other motion sensors have adjustable timers for the user to control how long the lights will stay on after the last movement was detected.

Top 12 Best Indoor Motion Sensor Lights on Market

The following is a comprehensive review of 12 motion sensor indoor lighting and a detailed buying guide to kick off your shopping experience. Based on our user experience we have created this buying guide so just keep reading.

1. AMIR Motion Sensor Night Light (White, 6-Pack)

Having trouble finding the light switch while stumbling in the dark? Well, that is a thing of the past now with the AMIR Motion sensor Night Lights. These 6 homelives LED lights can turn on within 10 feet of movement. With the pure white color emitted, the room will be well lit even before you make an entrance.

Your kids do not have to put up stools or climb up sofas and risk their safety when turning on lights anymore. These are hand-free devices that even your pets will find useful. With no hard wiring, you can shift them around easily; all you have to do is remove and stick them again on a clear or metallic surface. They are great for your closets, stair walls, hallways, bedroom, and kitchen.

Key features and specifications

  • Has a sensor range of 120 degrees
  • Motion sensors work within a 3-meter distance
  • Mounts using adhesive pad or magnet
  • LED lifespan is over 50,000 hours
  • Each LED takes in 1.5 volts and put out 0.3 watts
  • Operates effectively within -20°C and 40°C
  • Bright light
  • PIR sensor
  • Battery efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Sticks anywhere
  • It’s durable
  • Only turns on in the dark
  • Sensors fail next to the infrared heater
  • High temperature ruins adhesive strip

2. AUVON Plug-in LED Motion Sensor Night Light (4-Pack)

Uses electricity, no batteries required. It could be a real challenge navigating around the house when you wake up in the night. You don’t have to bump into stuff and wake up others noisily and needlessly. Try the AUVON, one of the best indoor motion sensor lights. They will light up as soon as you spring from your bed. They provide a hands-free useful visual aid for your corridors and stairways. These are one of the great indoor motion sensor light fixture that saves you up to 84% of your energy. Power consumption in your home is kept to a minimum.

They provide you a comfortable ambiance with the warm white light great for your bedside low light needs. The high and medium brightness modes available are conducive for the variety of activities in your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. These lights are amazingly flexible for a variety of use and quite durable too.

Key features and specifications

  • Turns on for 60 seconds after detected motion
  • Offers ON, OFF, and AUTO lighting modes
  • Motion sensors have a detection angle of 120 degrees
  • Motion sensors have a range of 3-5 meters
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for use
  • Uses less Energy
  • They have five different modes
  • Fire-resistant casing
  • Only works with close motion

3. Mr. Beams MB990 Motion Sensing Ceiling Light (White, 2-Pack)

Mr. Beams is one ceiling light that lives up to its name. It fully lights up your space with clean white light great for modern home décor and oriental art pieces. It will beautifully illuminate the corners of your rooms, the edges of your living room furniture, and your kitchen counters. Equipped with a sensor that detects motion from about 18 feet, it turns on automatically and shuts off every 20 seconds that go without movement.

Hence, you will save the energy of manually switching and stay safe from accidental falls in the dark. With no wiring required, you can install it easily in the dull areas of your closets, showers, basements, attics, pantries, and hallways. The two-pack set is equipped with everything you need to set it up, all except batteries.

Key features and specifications

  • The brightness of 300 lumen
  • Uses LED bulbs
  • Color temperature is 4000 kelvin
  • Motion-activated from 18 feet
  • A light coverage of 300 square feet
  • Has a light sensor to prevent daylight activation
  • Battery-powered with 4 D-cell batteries per light
  • Light diffuser
  • Easy to install
  • Weatherproof
  • Energy efficient
  • Fixed brightness
  • Sensors require rigorous motion

4. OxyLED Motion Sensor Closet Lights (3-Pack)

The OxyLED Motion Sensor Closet Lights are a bright stick-on with no hard-wiring. The homelife led boast a wide application. Each bar has 10 LED bulbs that put out 3 watts each. In a pack of three led bars per set, the lights are guaranteed to perfectly light up any dark compartment in your house. The sensors detect up to 10 feet of motion to turn the lights on and the lights go off in 15 to 18 seconds without motion.

Pump an automated life back to your closets with pure white light fixtures with a modern style design. Give your clothes and hidden spaces a bright personality. These include your under cabinets, medicine cabinets, wine closets, wardrobes, the attic, basement, kitchen cupboard and drawers, garage, storage room, work station, and even your greenhouse. You can easily select your outfits and sort through equipment without needing a torch. Your kids do not have to be afraid of the dark anymore and finding their toys in the closets will be a fun experience.

Key features and specifications

  • Each light is equipped with an OxyLED T-02 Motion Sensor
  • It is battery powered but with no batteries included
  • Installs using magnets and adhesive strips
  • Sensor range is 120 degrees
  • Sensitive up to a distance of 3 meters
  • LED lifespan of over 50, 000 hours
  • PIR technology
  • Very bright
  • Wide usage
  • Easy to install
  • Charging type is usb
  • Saves energy
  • Sensitive to battery leaks
  • Only works in the dark
  • High temperature destroys adhesive

5. Youtob Motion Sensor LED Ceiling Light (Cool white)

Great for your indoor living and outdoor activities, the Youtob Motion Sensor Ceiling Light indoor is your brightest option in the market offering 1200 lumens. It features a cool white light generated by 81 LED bulbs, which is ideal for a variety of commercial and home use.

The perfect alternative for fluorescent lighting that saves you electricity, a companion that keeps you safe from stumbling in the dark, and lasts longer. Fit it in your hallways, closets, and basement, if you have a dark room or veranda with a ceiling, Youtob will easily go on. It requires hard-wiring but the installation guide is comprehensive and simple enough for an amateur to apply.

Key features and specifications

  • LED lifespan of over 30000 hours
  • Turns off after 30 seconds with no motion detected
  • Takes in 120 volts to give out 15 watts
  • Power source is hardwired, no batteries required
  • Weighs about 1 pound
  • Bright LED
  • Flexible use; indoor, outdoor
  • Two modes: DAY and Night
  • Energy efficient
  • Installation process easy
  • Not portable
  • Motion detection may fail

6. URPOWER Motion Sensor Closet Light (3-pack)

The URPOWER Motion Sensor closet light can detect movement from 7 to 10 feet away. The lights come in three pieces in every pack, each emitting 10 lumens of cold white light that is enough to light up your closets, bathrooms, storage room, and stairway and enhance the safety of your home. It will auto-shut after 15 to 30 seconds of no motion. This prolongs battery life and saves you the energy of turning on and off your lights.

It is fully battery-powered; a wireless indoor motion sensor light, making it easy to install and move around. There are no batteries included in the package, you will have to shop for them separately. You can mount the lights anywhere and it is as simple as stick-and-remove you do not need to hire an electrician or carry screws and drivers.

Key features and specifications

  • Works within temperature -20 to 40 degrees
  • Bulb lifespan is 10,000 hours
  • Double-sided adhesive pad for stick-on
  • Pyroelectric infrared switch type
  • Auto-on and Auto-shut
  • Day and night sensing
  • Smart Motion sensing
  • Battery efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Sensors may fail after a while
  • Only detect close movement

7. LED Motion Sensor Cabinet Light

Your closets and cabinets need to be well lit to make your work easier as you sort through stuff. The LED Motion Sensor Cabinet lights will do the job perfectly. It is equipped with 54 lamp bead bulbs emitting 350 lumens of bright light that is evenly diffused so that it does not hurt your eyes.

With a reflector plate under the bulbs, all light is cast back to the room, and therefore very little power is wasted. Stick it on any metal plank with the use of the magnets beneath and if you have none in your home, use the adhesive strip instead. The light is great for your wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, corridors, basement, and baby rooms.

To keep it lasting longer, make sure that you charge the batteries at least once in 3 months when not in use.

Key features and specifications

  • Operates in 3 Modes: On, Off, and Motion sensing
  • The sensing distance of 3 meters
  • Influence angle of 100 to 120 degrees
  • Battery-powered
  • Dedicated to Lithium-ion batteries
  • Sticks through adhesive and magnets
  • LED lifespan of over 80000 hours
  • 3 switching modes
  • Easy charging
  • Modern design
  • Light and motion sensing
  • Long-life
  • Energy efficient
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Not waterproof

8. Mr. Beams MB726 Motion Sensing LED Nightlight (White, 6-Pack)

This automatic night-time light comes in a pretty square-shaped PVC casing with a glossy finish. With 6 pieces of downward focused white light, it is great for lighting your stairway, hallways, and shelves. Mind your steps and avoid tripping and falling in the dark. You can install them in your bedroom and use them for reading, in your bathroom and next to your taps in the kitchen to help you do the dishes.

You don’t have to worry about touching them with wet hands since they rely on motion sensors and will go on and off at the right moment. They easily mount on any surface thanks to the double-sided adhesive underneath them. Up to 24 AA batteries are required for the set, so make sure you shop for enough for immediate use and replacement.

Key features and specifications

  • 50000 hours of homelife LED light
  • Motion-Sensing activated from 15 feet
  • Light sensor to prevent daytime activation
  • 10 square feet light coverage
  • 30-second auto shut-off
  • Measures 1.2 x 3.8 x 3.2 inches
  • Alkaline battery cell type
  • Modern design
  • Bright enough
  • Wide use
  • Easy installation
  • Low power consumption
  • No batteries included
  • Only works with the dark

9. Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting (2-Pack)

The keyword here is wireless, and OxyLED does it again with these wonderful motion sensors under cabinet lights. The smart sensor chips not only functions in the dark, but they also work perfectly in light too. That means your daytime lighting needs will be catered for. There are up to 36 bright LED bulbs in every light emitting a pure white color.

They are bright enough to help you freely navigate your closets and under cabinets. Its durable ABS plastic casing ensures that you can use it anywhere; in your bathroom, stairways, front door, over-sink lighting, and laundry room, office space, and workshop. They are stylish in design and they will add to the aesthetic appeal of your interior and front porch.

These lights save you the hassle of having to change batteries now and then. The built-in battery is rechargeable through a normal USB port, even your phone charger can plugin.

Key features and specifications

  • Rectangular shaped
  • Aluminum shade
  • Sensor range is 120 degrees
  • Motion sensors are sensitive within 10 feet
  • LED life is over 50000 hours
  • Mounts through magnets, adhesive, screw-in
  • Super bright
  • Modern design
  • PIR technology
  • 3 mounting options
  • 3 lighting modes
  • Energy efficient
  • Great heat dissipation
  • Day and night operation
  • Not dimmable
  • Fixed built-in battery

10. Aukora Motion Sensor Light Bulbs (Cold White 2-Pack)

Are you tired of switching on your light bulb? The Aukora indoor motion sensor light bulbs are not your ordinary lighting device. It is a smart option that detects motion and turns on and turns off at the appropriate time. These twins cast a cool white light on your room and with 1000 lumens of brightness it will help you watch your steps and hands as you move around effortlessly. The best thing about it is that you can use it indoors and outdoors too. It works fine in your living room, bathroom, and storage room as well as your front porch, garage, balcony, or even at the gate.
Enjoy a colorful and effortless lighting experience with the Aukora. With sensors that can detect motion from a vertical distance of 10 feet so will never have to reach for the switch again.

Key features and specifications

  • Two bulbs in a pack
  • Light temperature 6000-6500K
  • ABS plastic material
  • Light socket power source
  • Bulby in shape
  • Works within temperature: -10°C and 35°C
  • Dusk to dawn sensor at the tip
  • Turns on at 15Lux and off above 40Lux
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • High-quality PIR sensor
  • Energy efficient
  • Long life
  • Wide application
  • Motion sensor may fail

11. URPOWER Motion Sensor Light (3-Pack)

This Motion Sensor closet light offers excellent lighting, enough to illuminate all corners of your room. No more eye strains and unnecessary stumbling in the dark. The lights turn on when they detect motion from a distance of up to 10 feet away, and so your room will be well lit even before you walk in. It is equipped with a magnetic strip and sticky tape underneath that makes it easy to install, any clear or metal surface would do.

The ABS sturdy material makes it ideal for installation in any location be it your closet, pantry, bathroom, hallways, and basement. Save on time and electricity with these great products. The lights come with unique features that are worth investing your money in.

Key features and specifications

  • Sensitive around 3-meter distance
  • The light stays for 20 seconds without movement
  • 120 degrees of sensor range
  • LED life is over 100,000 hours
  • Aluminium and ABS material
  • Battery-powered
  • Modern design
  • Easy installation
  • PIR technology
  • Automatic sensing
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Long life
  • Batteries not included

12. Novelty Place Super Bright LED Motion Sensor Lights (6-Pack)

The Novelty Place LED Motion Sensor Light indoor would look and feel great. With them, there is no need for a separate switch, and the hassle of turning the switch on and off in darkness is long gone. Looking for something in the cabinet? No worry, the light will turn on as soon as you swing open the cabinet doors. Their modern stylish design is a great decoration add-on for living room paintings, your bookshelf, and bedside lockers. They are easy to install since they are equipped with magnets and double-sided tape. No need for any form of wiring, the batteries are enough to power it fully.

The outstanding quality about these lights is that they are motion-activated and go off in 15 to 20 seconds as soon as you are a few feet away.

Key features and specifications

  • 6 pieces in a pack
  • Light color is white
  • Circular in shape
  • Modes: AUTO, ON and OFF
  • Battery-powered
  • 5 volts, 0.3 watts
  • 3 lighting modes
  • Easy installation
  • Modern stylish design
  • Sticks anywhere
  • Does not work in the day

Indoor Motion Sensor Lights Buying Guide

All indoor motion lights have two things in common; they are ideal for night use and work with movement. Everything else about them varies depending on your needs. The brightness will depend on which room you place them in your house, the installation procedure will depend on your expertise, and you get to choose the material and design that you like. Here is an in-depth buying guide to help you make an informed choice on what to buy considering all these factors.


There are rooms in your house that have almost no windows and doors and are therefore darker in the night than others. They do not benefit from surrounding room light. These include your bathrooms, your hallways, centrally placed kitchens, large closets, garages, basements, and attics. These rooms need brighter interior motion sensor lights. The brightness of 300 lumens and above would work fine. You should, however, note that the brighter the light, the more costly it is and it will use more energy. Of the 12 mentioned best indoor motion sensor lights you should consider purchasing the following bright ones;

  • Mr. Beams MB990 Motion Sensing Ceiling Light; 300-lumen brightness
  • LED Motion Sensor Cabinet Light; 350-lumen brightness
  • Aukora Motion Sensor Light Bulbs; 1000 lumen brightness
  • Youtob Motion Sensor LED Ceiling Light: 1200 lumen brightness

Motion sensing range and space

Motion sensing in all lights has a limitation in terms of the distance and angle they are able to detect movement. The type of indoor motion light you purchase should, therefore, depend on the size of your house and the amount of space in your individual rooms. In expansive places like the living room, you will need a greater range of motion detection. Install lights that detect motion from 10 to 16 feet at an angle of 100 to 120 degrees. For confined spaces like closets and shelves, motion-sensing lights with a range of not more than 3 meters are great for use.

PIR sensing technology

PIR sensing known as Passive Infrared sensing in full is a specialized motion-sensing technology that allows lights to work effectively in the dark. It detects infrared light usually generated from objects and is not visible to us. The best indoor motion sensor lights that have this extra quality respond faster to movement than those which lack however you may have to dig deeper into your pockets. Devices with this awesome tech quality include;

  • AMIR Motion Sensor Night Light
  • OxyLED Motion Sensor Closet Lights
  • Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Aukora Motion Sensor Light Bulbs
  • URPOWER Motion Sensor Light

Installation ease and methods

The installation of lights is usually linked to the power source. Lights that require hardwiring need screws and anchors to install and therefore need some expertise and safety precautions. On the other hand, battery-powered lights usually rely on magnets and adhesive strips to mount effortlessly on surfaces. Choose the installation method of your lights according to your power source and how long you expect to use them. Most indoor motion sensor ceiling lights are hardwired because they are hardly ever moved while those specialized for vertical walls will use batteries.

Power source

There are only two power sources for these lights; electricity through wiring and batteries. You can mix them up so that when electric power goes out, you can use the ones that need batteries. Among indoor motion sensor light battery operated, there are unique motion sensor lights with fixed batteries that can be recharged through USB ports. These are the most convenient for people who do not have access to stores and shops to buy and replace batteries. They include the;-

  • OxyLED Motion Sensor Closet Lights
  • LED Motion Sensor Cabinet Light
  • Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting

Size and design

The size and design of the lights you invest in should generally depend on your preference and the interior decoration of your house. Before you buy, you want to lift the lights, weigh and feel them. Match them up against the mood of your house to see if they are a great fit. You do not want odd-looking lights that destroy the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Material and Pricing

Aluminum and ABS plastic casing and shades are the best candidates for durable lights. They may, however, be a little bulkier and cost more. Balance material with the amount of money you are willing to spend. It is better to go for durable lights that cost more since they will serve you longer.


Do the lights work outdoors?

Since they are dedicated to indoor activity, the sensors work well indoors. However, most of them can work anywhere with low lighting at night. If you want to use them outdoors too, you should consider those that have a manual switching option that disables the light sensors and those that are waterproof to guard against the rain.

Are the lights waterproof for shower and kitchen use?

Lights that are described as waterproof will work well in the shower and the kitchen. Direct contact with water is not an issue at all. The problem is the steam that gets inside the adhesive strips and loosens them. For shower and kitchen use, consider lights that use magnets to attach on surfaces.

Will pets activate the lights?

Yes, any movements will activate the lights, and that included cats and dogs walking around. It, however, depends on the range the sensors can detect motion, if you have pets, consider purchasing lights with a medium-range not more than 3 meters, to prevent constant activation from low-lying pets.

What is the battery life of rechargeable lights?

This specification is always outlined in the manual. Most batteries last for months when you take great care of them and only need 3 to 4 hours to fully charge. If you are using adhesive to mount the lights, you cannot unmount to charge, you have to charge them in place.

How many brightness modes do the lights have?

Many motion sensor indoor lighting have fixed brightness. Those that have more than one brightness mode; generally have two modes; high brightness and medium brightness. These modes can be set using a labeled button.

Can the adhesive be replaced?

For lights that use adhesives, yes they can. Double-sided Gorilla tapes work well as replacements.

What types of sensors do the lights have?

They generally have a motion sensor that may be equipped with PIR technology and a light sensor for good operation in the dark.

Do they work close to other light sources?

Lights close to each other will not work well. They should be placed at least 9 feet from each other or another light source.


Lighting is one important factor for your house needs and the aesthetic appeal of your space. There is no perfect lighting, there is only what works for you. Motion sensor lights allow you to go about your business in the house without worrying about switching them on and off. They are also energy efficient; they guarantee that no rooms will be lit when nobody is around. Invest in functionality and get value for your money with the best indoor motion sensor lights.

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