4 inch vs. 6 inch Recessed Lighting

4 inch vs. 6 inch Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a tremendous option for individuals who want to see their room or office brightened and let its beautiful designs showcase incredibly. The use of these lights is increasing every year as people found it highly amazing and effective for giving a brilliant look at their place. If we talk about the residential purpose, the most common versions used are 4 inches, and 6 inches recessed lights. Although there are 5 inches and even 7 inches options available in the market, they aren’t as popular as the previous ones.

Our platform has received tons of queries regarding the difference between 4 inches & 6 inches recessed lights as it creates confusion for the buyers. If you are facing the same problem, then this post is all you need to get the right answer. We will discuss the battle of 4 inches vs. 6 inch recessed lights properly for making sure you get the right answers. Stick with us until the end to ensure that you make a perfect choice.

How can the size of a recessed light be determined?

There is great confusion among the people regarding the size of the recessed lights that everyone needs to understand. We are pretty assured that you may have to face some difficulties while measuring the right size of recessed lights. Our team thought about eliminating such doubts by giving the right information.

The right sizing for recessed lights is identified by the diameter of a housing or can after the removal of trim. A lot of people believe that the size is identified by calculating outward from the trim. Please understand that all the light sizes offer different sets of advantages that buyers need to need before buying.

What are the advantages of 4 inch recessed lights?

We believe that you must be aware of the benefits of both 4 inches & 6 inch recessed lights, so the selection process becomes easier. Allow us to tell you about the advantages of 4 inch recessed lights first.

  • Perfect for small areas

The individual needs to understand that there is a different set of lighting works for different areas. If we talk about 4 inch recessed lights, then they are ideal for small areas. It can range from above plants or a kitchen sink to near the desk as per the requirement.

On top of that, it is an exceptional option for those who want to display their artwork, décor, and other similar accessories. These lights put a special focus even to the tiniest detail in the room in a precise manner.

  • Edges

The people looking to brighten the edges of their room can think about installing 4 inches recessed lights as it prevents the circumstances with over-lit edges and too dim middle part.

Having such lights on the edges of the room will result in making the whole room visible and better.

  • Saving Power

We all know that 4 inch recessed lights are crafted in a very compact size that assists in saving electricity bills as it doesn’t ask for too much power. It is crucial for people who have lots of recessed lights in their house or office.

The users can even further reduce the bill by using low voltage bulbs that are available in various designs.

  • Budget-friendly Option

The next terrific benefit of having 4 inch recessed lights is lower cost thanks to its small design. The majority of people shop in smaller quantities as it is used in locations that need less lighting. It directly helps in saving a great sort of money for the buyers.

It is one of the main reasons that people get attracted to the 4 inch recessed lights easily.

What are the advantages of 6 inch recessed lights?

In this section, we are going to talk about the 6 inch recessed lights as it will be very useful for finalizing which one is the right to choose. Our team has written about the benefits of 6-inch recessed lights below:

  • Perfect for dining & bedroom areas

There are many places like the dining room and bedroom where you might need extra light for an extended time. These 6-inch recessed lights are designed in such a way that the light spreads uniformly in a larger area.

That’s not all, the areas with a pretty large high ceiling can also enjoy a great sort of benefits by installing a 6 inch recessed lights.

  • Clear & Focused Light

The second most terrific benefit of having 6-inch models is the clear and extra focused light produced it. You may have often seen using such lights in the display of artworks & antiques. That’s not all; its amazing spotlight effect makes sure you can illuminate the reading areas and desks quite amazingly.

In simple words, you can use these lights to all the places where there is a need for clear & highly focused light.

  • Lighting Control

The majority of 6 inch recessed lights let the users control the brightness both physically as well as remotely. Apart from that, you can also operate the direction & intensity of these lights in the same manner. The thing that we want to mention here is that these levels of controlling boost the convenience to a different level.

The users will be succeeded in developing the required ambiance & concentrate lighting that everyone wants.

  • Better trimmed Designs

The fourth thing that people find greatly advantageous when it comes to 6 inch recessed lights is the availability of amazing trimmed designs. No matter you want a retro-like light or a playful design, you will definitely get it in this size of lighting.

It can turn out to be a blessing for people who always wish to decorate their home or office in the way they want.

What is the difference between 4 inch & 6-inch recessed lights?

Let us explain the differences between 4 inches & 6 inch recessed lights with a table below in detail:

Name 4 inch recessed lights 6 inch recessed lights
  Purpose Ideal for places where one has to develop a focal point where you want to showcase better detailing. A perfect option for locations where you seek to make the aesthetic value better along with boosting the functioning
  Decoration These types of lighting are better for the areas where you want modern decoration. A 6 inch recessed light is an exciting option for traditionally decorated houses.
   Variety If we talk about the variety of designs, then 4-inch recessed lights might disappoint as the numbers aren’t good. The level of variety available in terms of designs in 6 inch recessed lights is pretty more when compared with the 4 inch recessed lights.
   Price The price to install & set the 4 inch recessed lights is pretty less. However, you have to install lots of lights to get the right amount of light that might increase the cost. Although the price of the 6-inch recessed lights is high when compared with the 4-inch option, the numbers needed to provide proper lighting is quite less. It may reduce the price.
    Location 4-inch recessed lights are the right option for brightening small areas in the house or office. This option is better to install and set in the large areas of the home like bedroom & living room.
    Energy Use In terms of energy use, the 4 inch recessed lights is definitely a cost-effective option for the buyers The amount of energy used by 6 inch recessed lights is pretty low in comparison with the 4 inch recessed lights. We can understand the reason, i.e., their bigger size & more brightness
    Space Saving It is pretty obvious that 4 inch recessed lights will take less space. However, please keep in mind that the number of lights needed for the same amount of space will be more. The space needed for installing a 6 inch recessed light is quite more. However, they will be needed in a lower quantity for the same space.

Our team is pretty assured that all the readers now fully understand the right sort of differences between these both types of lights. As we can see, both of them have their advantages & disadvantages that need to be understood adequately. we just published a guide on nanoleaf light panel check out.


What do you think about this battle of 4 inches vs. 6 inch recessed lights? Which one of these is going to serve your needs in a better way? Our team has pinpointed the advantages & disadvantages of both for making the job easier for the readers. There is a possibility that some of you might still be having queries regarding any of them. We welcome you to write about them in the comment section or emailing us your questions. An expert from our team is going to serve your needs adequately with a proper explanation for sure.

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